What Matters?

Everybody in, Nobody out

Healthcare for All

CalCare - AB1400

  • Every resident is covered from birth

  • Medical, Dental, Mental, Vision, 
    Hearing & Prescription

  • Case managers & continuity of care

  • No out-of-pocket expenses


Environment for All

  • Every resident needs clean air & water

  • 100% renewable energy grid

  • End fossil fuel subsidies

  • Create legislation for a Green New Deal with specific focus on the communities that have been most adversely affected


Housing for All

  • Every resident gets housing 

  • Rent control & rent-to-own programs

  • First-time homebuyer down payment assistance

  • No one sleeps on the streets


Employment for All

  • Every resident can get a job

  • Job training in a sustainable industry

  • Paid a living wage tied to the cost of living

  • Worker Bill of Rights

Education Cap.png

Education for All

  • Every resident gets a quality education

  • Pre-K through Highschool

  • Free Public Colleges, Universities 
    & Trade Schools

  • No crippling student debt


Justice for All

  • Every resident is treated with dignity

  • Creation of humane & just immigration policies

  • End for-profit prisons & detention centers

  • Decriminalize drug use & possession

It is an indisputable fact that people work, learn, and function better when they have their basic needs met - you cannot thrive when you are struggling to just survive and the people of Ventura County deserve better than just surviving.
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