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Campaign Announcement

Dear Neighbors,
For the past few months, I have been running a Congressional campaign to represent us here in Ventura County because I believe that we deserve representatives that put people over profits. While it has not been an easy path to forge as a working-class candidate, it has been so encouraging to see how many people in our community are ready and willing to fight for change, and I am honored to have connected with so many local groups and community activists that believe in the work I am doing.

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However, due to the recent redistricting and blatant gerrymandering of our new district lines, I have decided it is necessary to redirect my efforts to run for State Assembly. Our federal elected officials have had ample opportunity to end gerrymandering at the national level and have failed to do so. Running for State Assembly means that I can introduce legislation that will end gerrymandering in California once and for all, and hopefully influence national change as well.

I am still committed to fighting for Healthcare for All, Climate for All, Housing for All, Education for All, Employment for All, and most importantly Justice for All, and I am determined to bring these fights to the state level and give our community the representation it deserves.

Thank you so much for your continued support in our fight for better, for all of Us!

In solidarity,
Daniel Wilson ✊