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Port Hueneme, CA -- The largest, local, universal healthcare advocacy group, Health Care for All - Los Angeles, has endorsed Daniel Wilson for California’s 38th Assembly District! Director of HCA-LA, Erika Feresten, shares that “Daniel is a person of courage and integrity and an unwavering champion for single-payer healthcare. Daniel's corporate-free campaign and nonpartisan status ensure that he will not be beholden to big-money interests or political parties, leaving him free to truly serve the will of the people.”

This important advocacy group chose Daniel because of his steadfast commitment to prioritizing people over profits and ensuring that all of our policies bring everybody in and leave nobody out. Since the announcement of the bill early in 2021, Daniel has ardently advocated for its passage by hosting several local car caravan rallies, information sessions, and phone and text banking parties to flip tough districts with Assemblymembers who opposed the bill, including our own.

Endorsement Announcement

HCA-LA Endorsement.jpg

Daniel tells us, “As a disabled veteran that had to navigate my way through our convoluted disability
process, I know first-hand how important having close, affordable, and competent medical care is. For many of us, it is literally a matter of life and death and yet year after year our state legislators continue to prioritize their careers and profits over the needs of their constituents while telling all of us in the working class that we just cannot afford it. But after losing over a million of our neighbors, colleagues, friends, and loved ones over the last two years of this pandemic, it has become abundantly clear that we can no longer afford NOT to pass universal healthcare!”

Health Care for All - Los Angeles has dedicated its initiatives to providing high-quality healthcare to all California residents through a single-payer public financing program. Daniel is excited to be working alongside these champions to fight for a better quality of life, for all of California.