Who Am I?

A Transgender Working-Class Veteran
Fighting for Better, for All of Us!

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My name is Daniel Wilson and I am a working-class transgender veteran choosing to run with no party preference for California’s 38th Assembly District so that there will never be a party, corporate, or any other special interest standing between me and the needs of my constituents.

I was born and raised in Maryland by a dedicated single mom that worked 2-3 jobs to ensure our survival. I started working at 14, came out as a lesbian at 16, and graduated from high school eight months after 9/11. Despite working 2-3 jobs myself after graduating high school, I still struggled to survive and the 2008 economic collapse all but guaranteed I would be unable to break the poverty ceiling in my hometown with my current skill set. I decided to join the United States Navy at 24 to empower myself with the tools necessary to achieve a better life.

I served four years as an aviation structural mechanic at a time when boots were still on the ground nearly a decade after 9/11 and honorably discharged in 2013. Following my separation from the military, I was finally able to marry the love of my life and begin my gender-affirming transition. During this time I was also blessed to become the first generation in my family to earn a degree after utilizing my G.I. Bill to begin my educational path to become a college history professor right here at Oxnard College.

It was all of these experiences combined with the 2016 Bernie Sanders campaign that came together to ignite the political fire that galvanized me to get involved in tackling the problems facing our community. Since that time I began volunteering at the polls, got hired at our local county office, and am now running for State Assembly to fight for a better California, for all of Us